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About Us

London's Flooring Canada

The Holden family arrived in Canada in 1974 from Ireland, and just two short years later, Herbie Holden opened his first store, The Carpet Place, located on Saskatoon Street in London, Ontario in January 1976. The "Donny & Marie" show made its television debut, and the Supersonic Concorde flew its first commercial flights from Britain and France. While the Concorde has been grounded and Donny and Marie are in reruns, London’s Flooring Canada is still around today and celebrating over 40 years of service excellence!

Even though Herbie retired in 1986, his son, Gerry Holden, has been running the business ever since, leading London’s Flooring Canada into one of London’s most prestigious flooring stores for consumers, builders, and contractors today.

Although times have changed, London’s Flooring Canada hasn’t and is still focused on putting our customers first, winning multiple awards over the years for customer service and satisfaction.

Gerry got his start in the business as a flooring installer in 1976 and, over the past 4 decades, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience, thus leading the family business into the success of today. London’s Flooring Canada is a proud member of Flooring Canada, a co-op comprised of more than 500 family-owned and operated stores across North America. Being part of Flooring Canada, allows us to bring the most competitive pricing and advanced flooring products into your home.

We encourage you to stop by today to one of our multiple London locations and check us out for your next project it’s where friends send friends!